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Idea and concept

Arthur Schladt

07:07 Design, GmbH


Nettle filament

Nettle TOC bv



Toy and Therapy

Almost every toy is simplifying reality. Sometimes rather brutally or the total opposite: full of details just downsized to 5% of the original. Just smaller and still complicated. The simple toys boil down reality, easing the first access to a rather complicated world. Not only children need this first simple step to manage our sometimes confusing, environment. Makes it not only simple. It makes it fun. Human nature without fun is possible but rather tragic. Starting with a bit of fun is human and being human is always a good start. Like keeping our environment acceptable for our nature. To waive or replace chemical solutions /products by natural ones seems to be a good idea.

Following points/facts are the base for developing the concept. 
       a.    Natural shapes (plants, animals) well known and significant shapes easy to identify shapes, solid rounded edges or angular
        b.   The shapes are always based on an natural object
        c.    The shapes are three dimensional
The Objects do have studs, stings, waves, furrows, joints, cuts, gaps, pockets, notches


Benefit for toddlers or preschool kids

  • early development of recognizing the environment and tactile talent

  • identification of the objects

  • naming the objects

  • improving the sense of touch

  • Improving the overall cognitive talent



  • define motor skills

  • first problem solutions

  • coordination of sense of touch and eye


Possible use for Therapy

  • in case of coordination disorder

  • memory disorder


  • therapeutical training for hand muscles and separate fingers

  • sensorial training after injury, relearning haptically basics

  • relearning skills

  • re-sensibilisation

  • relearning basics

  • memory training

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