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Information about the startup

Nettle T.O.C. b.v. is making a new biodegradable composite material.

Our technology is suitable for biobased and recycling polymers such as PLA, HPA, PP and PE. We use nettle fiber in our bio composite material. Nettle replaces chemically harmful additives and retains the possibility of recycling. If nettle fibers are added, the material is much stronger, there is a higher heat resistance and to reduce shrinkage of these polymers in sustainable way.
The use of nettle fiber instead of glass fiber allows the composite to be processed at lower temperatures available for the standard 3D printing process. In addition, the use of nettle composite reduces power consumption in the production of parts and saves the possibility of recycling.

Considered areas of application of our material: technical parts in mechanical engineering and electronics. Particularly effective for the manufacture of fasteners next to heating elements.

At the initial stage, company financing is carried out at the expense of the founder’s own funds. And it includes the costs of opening a company, living expenses in the Netherlands and salary, as well as the necessary hospitality expenses associated with participation in events and business meetings.

In March 2020, Nettle TOC b.v. received funding from LIOF in the amount of 50 thousand euros to conduct tests and prove the performance of the material. Funding is calculated for 1 year until March 1, 2021. Intermediate results indicate the strong potential of nettle composite for the automotive industry, household appliances, electric parts and 3D filament markets.

In 2021, Nettle TOC b.v. also received funding from LIOF. The total amount is also 50 thousand euros this amount is used to test the material with 10 potential clients. The material will be used in different application like automotive parts, 3D filament.  It is also planned to start selling the first batch of nettle composite in filament for 3D printing and granules. And by 2022, it is planned to start the sustainable sale of nettle composite. 

In 2022, Nettle TOC b.v. received grants for further research of granules application. One grant is the small MIT grant. The second one is the circular bio voucher. During this voucher we worked together with one partner from Germany. And the last grant we received till now in 2022 is the circulair chain grant (circulaire ketenproject). During this grant we work together with different partners. The aim of this project is to literally go through the entire chain from growing nettles to the final application. Another grant we received is the big MIT grant. Here we work together with one other partner. During this project we will find the best way to scale up the project (products/fibers) and optimize the granulates. 

In 2023, Nettle TOC b.v. received the TSE grant to calculate and investigate everything about the scaling up. Another grant we received in 2023 is another grant from LIOF to investigate the moisture content for nettle fibers.

Add this moment you can buy our filament for 3D printing, just click the button 'shop'.

If you are interested to use our material (the nettle fibers or granulates) in your application just fill in the 'contact us' form. 

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