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We are a startup in the prototyping stage

This section provides examples of joint projects that have been implemented jointly with partners.
Also we invite manufacturers of polymer products for cooperation.

Nettle 3d printing collage.jpg

Sensory toys to train children's thinking

Not only children need this first simple step to manage our sometimes confusing, environment.

Makes it not only simple. It makes it fun.

Injection moulding

Replacing material without changing equipment

Our composite can be used to produce a plastic product identical to yours. The same mold, the same equipment.


The composite material has been tested on the equipment of the BOY brand.


Create new material

Joint research project

Our processing technology with nettle fibers allows maximum adhesion between fibers and polymers.


Currently the technology has been tested with PLA and PHA.

Your case

We are open to your projects

We own the technology and our technologists are open for cooperation. This could be a new material, a co-branded product launch, or an addition to your sustainable strategy.

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